1. - 8. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük veya ifadeyi bulunuz.

One socio-psychological explanation of violence suggests that frustrating situations make people angry and increase their ---- to act aggressively.
Doğru Cevap: "B" tendency
Soru Açıklaması
William Du Bois, the first African-American to graduate from Harvard University with a doctorate, showed ---- academic promise from a very early age.
Doğru Cevap: "E" exceptional
Soru Açıklaması
In a network combining the entire world, no one will be trustworthy enough, so connecting your computer to the Internet is ---- going to bring some risks.
Doğru Cevap: "C" inevitably
Soru Açıklaması
The fruit of the cacao tree and the seeds or beans it contains ---- a lengthy and complex series of transformations in order to yield chocolate.
Doğru Cevap: "D" undergo
Soru Açıklaması
As a babysitter, if you feel uncomfortable with the family, trust your instincts and ---- the parents if they ask you to babysit again.
Doğru Cevap: "E" turn down
Soru Açıklaması
Humans ---- 43 percent of the Earth’s surface from its natural state radically, far greater than the smaller changes that ---- trigger the last great planetary shift during the ice ages.
Doğru Cevap: "C" have altered / helped
Soru Açıklaması
Today, enormous amounts of information ---- around the globe almost instantaneously in a way that ---- possible a few years ago.
Doğru Cevap: "D" can be distributed / could not have been
Soru Açıklaması
---- as a temple in the 2nd century AD, the Pantheon in Rome ---- famed for its dome, one of the largest ones in the world.
Doğru Cevap: "B" Created / is
Soru Açıklaması
9. - 15. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük veya ifadeyi bulunuz.

London is built ---- the River Thames and is ---- the centre of the UK road and rail networks.
Doğru Cevap: "E" on / at
Soru Açıklaması
Scientific evidence shows that the amount of activity ---- our brain when we dream is identical ---- the amount when we are awake.
Doğru Cevap: "A" in / to
Soru Açıklaması
---- Byzantium had fallen, the Ottomans completed their conquest of the Balkans with ease.
Doğru Cevap: "D" Once
Soru Açıklaması
Your body’s cells cannot work properly ---- the conditions around them are perfectly balanced.
Doğru Cevap: "B" unless
Soru Açıklaması
---- studies show that the most creative ideas do not emerge when people are focused intensely on a goal; instead, they arise in those moments when ---- wanders away from the task at hand to other worlds and possibilities.
Doğru Cevap: "C" A number of / one
Soru Açıklaması
Seoul is busy reinventing itself and practically rebuilding the city with an eye to improving ---- the aesthetic value ---- the commercial value of the city.
Doğru Cevap: "C" not only / but also
Soru Açıklaması
---- improved roads, safer cars and harsher penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol, the use of seatbelts and airbags has brought down the number of motor vehicle accidents.
Doğru Cevap: "B" In addition to
Soru Açıklaması
16. - 20. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük veya ifadeyi bulunuz.

Early machines, such as axes and ramps, relied on human muscle power to make them work. Then people started using animals to work many simple machines. Animals, (16)---- oxen and horses, could carry, pull and lift much heavier loads than people could. (17)----, people realized they could capture the energy of the wind or flowing water by using windmills and water-wheels. These became the first machines (18)---- power that in turn was used to make other machines work. This energy was used to do such things as grinding grain to make flour or pumping water (19)---- underground. Today, wind and water energy are still (20)---- to generate electricity, which we use to light and power our homes, schools, offices and factories.
Doğru Cevap: "C" such as
Soru Açıklaması
Doğru Cevap: "A" Eventually
Soru Açıklaması
Doğru Cevap: "D" to create
Soru Açıklaması
Doğru Cevap: "B" from
Soru Açıklaması
Doğru Cevap: "E" utilised
Soru Açıklaması
Although countless children dream of becoming astronauts when they grow up, ----.
Doğru Cevap: "B" only a handful of them actually realize this aspiration
Soru Açıklaması
In addition to having two airports, ----.
Doğru Cevap: "B" Rome has grown into a city of three million people
Soru Açıklaması
---- provided that they have a European Health Insurance Card.
Doğru Cevap: "E" British and Irish citizens are entitled to medical treatments in all European Union countries
Soru Açıklaması
If the world is to succeed in avoiding dangerous climate change, ----.
Doğru Cevap: "D" cutting back greenhouse gas emissions must be an urgent global priority
Soru Açıklaması
Genetics contributes heavily to the rate at which someone acquires necessary skills and knowledge, ----.
Doğru Cevap: "D" so those with more innate talent can improve faster and launch their careers earlier
Soru Açıklaması
People once thought that the heart was the centre of thought and emotion ----.
Doğru Cevap: "E" but it is simply a muscular pump that beats tirelessly to keep blood flowing
Soru Açıklaması
You should check whether something is disturbing them in the morning ----.
Doğru Cevap: "D" if your children always wake up early and cannot go back to sleep
Soru Açıklaması
Leonardo da Vinci’s greatness has been recognized through the centuries, ----.
Doğru Cevap: "A" but how his work has been seen and understood has differed over time
Soru Açıklaması
29. - 31. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

The news that a ‘Yeti finger’ found in Nepal is from a person, not a new species of giant Himalayan ape, will not surprise many. The notion that it came from a Yeti was laid to rest by a DNA test at Edinburgh Zoo. Yet again, evidence thought to demonstrate the existence of the famous mystery animal has failed the test. Every year, naturalists go to remote areas in search of mythical animals. Do they ever meet success? The answer is yes. The most famous example is the Okapi, a relative of the giraffe. So, could new species of large animals still await discovery? New species are found all the time. A long-horned relative of the cattle, the Saola, was discovered in Asia, in 1992, while more than 10 new primate species have been named since 2005. But some mystery animals appear unlikely. They are reported from well-studied areas like North America and have been the subject of unsuccessful discovery attempts. The time has come to stop combing North America for Bigfoot, or looking for Yetis in the Himalayas. There is no reason to take their existence seriously.

According to the passage, the ‘Yeti finger’ ----.
Doğru Cevap: "B" came from a human and not a Yeti as some previously believed
Soru Açıklaması
It is stated in the passage that searches for mythical animals ----.
Doğru Cevap: "E" can sometimes yield satisfactory results
Soru Açıklaması
It can be understood from the passage that searches for the Yeti or Bigfoot ----.
Doğru Cevap: "A" are unnecessary because reports of these animals come from areas that have already been investigated thoroughly
Soru Açıklaması
32. - 34. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Plagiarism is taking someone else’s writing or ideas and passing them off as one’s own. The word, derived from the Latin plagiarius, or kidnapper, was first used in the early 17th century, but undoubtedly, instances of plagiarism long predate that. Accusations, proven or not, of plagiarism have frequently featured in academic writing, journalism and music. In the 1970s, for example, the former Beatle George Harrison was sued for copying the melody of the Chiffons’ He’s So Fine for his own song My Sweet Lord. Plagiarism in music may often be unintentional. This is less likely in scientific writing, literature and journalism, that is, it may be deliberate. In 2009, the British poet Andrew Motion was accused of ‘shameless burglary’ by a military historian, Ben Shephard, after using passages from a book by Shephard. However, in the age of cyber technology, plagiarism has become both easier to commit and easier to detect, as many students and teachers have realized.

According to the passage, plagiarism manifests itself ----.
Doğru Cevap: "C" in many areas of human work
Soru Açıklaması
It is understood from the passage that plagiarism ----.
Doğru Cevap: "B" dates back long before the 17th century
Soru Açıklaması
It is understood from the passage that ----.
Doğru Cevap: "C" technology contributes to both the spreading and spotting of plagiarism
Soru Açıklaması
35. - 37. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Eager to boost orders for his teas, New York tea merchant Thomas Sullivan devised a new method of distributing samples of tea to his customers. He put them into small silk bags, making them easy to ship and less messy for the recipient to unpack. Some customers did not bother opening the cloth bag and simply poured boiling water over them. Sullivan was overwhelmed with orders for more tea packaged in this way. Responding to suggestions that the silk material was very thin, Sullivan used cotton instead and began to sell the bags commercially. The patent for the tea bag was registered by Sullivan in 1903. By 1920, tea bags were in wide use by the catering trade in the US. Later, paper was used instead of cotton, and a fine string and decorated tag were sometimes added, making them more convenient for drinkers making a single cup. The American market for tea bags was well developed by the time they were introduced into Britain several decades later by Joseph Tetley and Company in 1953. It is not clear whether this delay was a result of wartime shortages of materials, or of initial resistance to change on the part of the British tea-drinker. However, once they were launched, tea bags soon became popular in Britain, joining the ranks of the many labour-saving products that emerged in the post-war period, offering convenience and saving time.

It can be understood from the passage that Thomas Sullivan ----.
Doğru Cevap: "E" paved the way for preparing an instant cup of tea
Soru Açıklaması
One of the reasons why people in Britain did not use tea bags until the middle of the 20th century might be that ----.
Doğru Cevap: "A" the British tea-drinker insisted on drinking tea in the traditional way
Soru Açıklaması
The primary purpose of the author is to ----.
Doğru Cevap: "E" inform us about the development of the tea bag
Soru Açıklaması
38. - 40. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

When you walk into a store and submit your shopping list, a map directs you to the chocolate ice cream you crave. When you get to the front of the line, you just bump your phone on the reader and also get a discount via an e-coupon you have downloaded. You can scan pictures of the spaghetti and salad you want for dinner from the supermarket as you wait for the train and pick up the bag on your way home. 2013 was the year the increasing popularity of the mobile wallet – a smart phone that also acts as a credit card, cheque book and a useful tool that helps shoppers collect product information – radically altered shopping habits. It has been the biggest thing in retail since the credit card got us talking about a cashless economy. The driving force is communication: cash cannot communicate, but phones can. Your alarm clock, radio, camera and even your laptop have already been displaced by your phone. “Everything eventually migrates to the cell phone. Since it moves, people tend to do a lot more of it,” says Scott Ellison, an analyst in the mobile industry. It has now become apparent that our wallet has also moved into the cell phone.

According to the passage, the mobile wallet ----.
Doğru Cevap: "C" has profoundly changed the way people shop
Soru Açıklaması
It is pointed out in the passage that a person carrying a mobile wallet does not need to ----.
Doğru Cevap: "C" carry cash in his or her pocket
Soru Açıklaması
The main reason why people use the mobile wallet is ----.
Doğru Cevap: "E" its ability to be used for several purposes
Soru Açıklaması
41. - 43. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Many people in developed countries have fallen into bad habits, eating junk food that lacks essential nutrients and is full of preservatives. With more people going out to work, there is a new trend towards relying on junk food. This is not intrinsically wrong, but it means that we must become aware of what we are eating and compensate for any dietary inadequacies. Several light meals a day with fruit and nut snacks maintain stable blood sugar levels, and are easier to digest and less likely to make you sleepy than a substantial lunch and dinner loaded with sugar and fat. The whole performance of preparing and consuming a meal should be a social event, shared with family and friends. Perhaps if we sat down to enjoy at least one meal every day without rushing off afterwards, not only would our digestive systems be under less strain, but we might also communicate better and feel less stressed.

It is pointed out in the passage that most people in developed countries ----.
Doğru Cevap: "D" are devoid of healthy eating habits
Soru Açıklaması
It can be inferred from the passage that ----.
Doğru Cevap: "E" turning meals into social events can bring several health benefits
Soru Açıklaması
Which of the following could be the best title for the passage?
Doğru Cevap: "A" Time to Reshape Our Eating Habits
Soru Açıklaması
44. - 48. sorularda, karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan kısmını tamamlayabilecek ifadeyi bulunuz

Okan:  What do you think about the physicist Stephen Hawking?

Buket:  Well, he's considered one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century.

Okan:  ----

Buket:  You're right. He just proves that being a person with disabilities doesn't necessarily mean that you can't be successful.
Doğru Cevap: "C" In my opinion, what makes him outstanding is that he's made huge contributions to science despite being severely handicapped.
Soru Açıklaması
Lisa:  Have you heard about FutureFest, a festival of ideas and innovations that took place in the heart of east London? 

Arthur:  No! But fantastic! What kind of activities did it contain?

Lisa:  ----

Arthur:  That must have been awesome. I wish I had chance to join it and meet these innovative people.
Doğru Cevap: "A" There were compelling talks, technology demos and crowd-sourced experiments with the opportunity to be with creative minds
Soru Açıklaması
Murat:  Norway would be a good place to work, wouldn’t it?

Elif:  You’re right, it’s got oil, and you can imagine all the benefits that it brings.

Murat:  ----

Elif:  Apparently, the unemployment rate is below 3 percent, together with free health care and education for all its citizens.
Doğru Cevap: "D" All I know is that it’s the third richest nation per capita. What else?
Soru Açıklaması
Alper:  Is height determined mostly by the father?

Onur:  No. It’s determined by a combination of genes, diet and hormones.

Alper:  ----

Onur:  Yes. It seems that height can only be partly predicted by looking at the height of the parents.
Doğru Cevap: "A" So our genes have a role to play, but there're some other factors to take into account.
Soru Açıklaması
Pelin:  Recently, the number of shopping malls in our city has been rising very rapidly.

Ayça:  But few of them are as frequently visited and well-known as the others.

Pelin:  ----

Ayça:  Location is also an important factor. The ones close to the city-centre are more crowded than those in the suburbs.
Doğru Cevap: "B" This can be due to the entertainment facilities and the diversity of shops inside them.
Soru Açıklaması
49. - 53. sorularda, verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın cümleyi bulunuz.

Before the arrival of European explorers, the people of the Americas had built civilizations and empires.
Doğru Cevap: "C" The folks living in the Americas had already created civilizations and empires by the time European explorers came there.
Soru Açıklaması
As recent research is uncovering, how you prepare your food may be as important as the type of food you eat.
Doğru Cevap: "E" According to recent research, not only the type of food you eat but also the way you prepare it could be significant.
Soru Açıklaması
After Wilhelm Röntgen accidentally discovered X-rays in 1895, he learned how to do meticulous experiments on them.
Doğru Cevap: "C" Once Wilhelm Röntgen discovered X-rays by chance in 1895, he acquired the knowledge to perform detailed experiments on them.
Soru Açıklaması
It is hard to avoid eating wheat, but a healthy diet does not need to include it.
Doğru Cevap: "C" Although we do not have to eat wheat in order to maintain a healthy diet, it is hard to stay away from it.
Soru Açıklaması
There is almost nowhere you cannot get to by plane or boat these days, and the cost of transportation is not high, either.
Doğru Cevap: "B" You can get to nearly everywhere by plane or boat nowadays, and you do not pay a lot for it.
Soru Açıklaması
54. - 58. sorularda, verilen durumda söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.

You are invited to an interview for a position which you really want to get. However, on the day of the interview, you have to take an important exam. So you call the interviewer and ask him politely: ----
Doğru Cevap: "A" I’m really sorry, but the time for the interview isn’t suitable for me. Could you please arrange another day?
Soru Açıklaması
Your 30-year old friend wants to take foreign language courses but she is uncertain about what language to learn. Being aware of the fact that learning a widely-spoken language brings in many advantages, you suggest to her: ----
Doğru Cevap: "C" Why don’t you learn Chinese or Spanish? They’re widely used in various fields across the world such as trade and tourism.
Soru Açıklaması
You try to interact with your students to elicit their ideas about the rules you require them to obey in the classroom. You observe that they do not feel comfortable to speak objectively. So you say to calm them: ----
Doğru Cevap: "A" I just want to let you know that your ideas won’t be criticised, so you don’t need to worry.
Soru Açıklaması
You invite your new neighbour to dinner at your house. You cook beefsteak as the main course but she tells you that she is a vegetarian and cannot eat it. You do not want her to go home with an empty stomach, so you say hospitably: ----
Doğru Cevap: "C" Sorry, I didn't know that you're a vegetarian. I'll order some vegetarian food for you right away.
Soru Açıklaması
While moving your house, you dropped a heavy box on your sister’s foot and she is in pain. You’re sorry as you didn’t do it on purpose. So you say to apologise: ----
Doğru Cevap: "E" I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’ll definitely be more careful next time.
Soru Açıklaması
59. - 63. sorularda, boş bırakılan yere parçada anlam bütünlüğünü sağlamak için getirilebilecek cümleyi bulunuz.

When the Titanic sank in 1912, three times as many women were saved than men. ---- When Swedish scientists analyzed a database of 18 maritime disasters between 1852 and 2011, they found that the survival rate of women was half that of men, and that children were least likely to survive in these incidents. People may tend to think that women and children are generally helped first, but factors such as men's superior strength to women and their swimming ability come into play
Doğru Cevap: "A" However, new research has found that this is the exception rather than the rule.
Soru Açıklaması
Mammals owe much of their success to parenting. They are generally the most caring parents in the natural world. The female feeds her young with milk from her own body and looks after them until they can take care of themselves. During this time, the offspring learns essential survival techniques, such as social behaviour and methods of obtaining food. ---- Others, like deer, stand and run within minutes of being born.
Doğru Cevap: "D" Some mammals, such as mice, are born blind and helpless and require an intensive period of parental care.
Soru Açıklaması
Plato lived for half a century after the death of Socrates, dying at the age of 81. During this time, he published around two dozen dialogues which vary in length from 20 to 300 pages of modern print. The most famous of them are the Republic, which is chiefly concerned with the nature of justice and the Symposium, which is an investigation into the nature of love. ----
Doğru Cevap: "D" Most of the rest are named after whoever appears in them as the chief representative of Socrates.
Soru Açıklaması
Nigeria is potentially the richest nation in Africa, with huge reserves of oil, natural gas, coal, tin, and iron ore. ---- However, corruption and bad government have meant that the money earned from these natural resources has not been used properly, and most Nigerians remain very poor.
Doğru Cevap: "E" It also has abundant fertile land, capable of growing cotton, coffee, sugar and many other crops.
Soru Açıklaması
Small languages are being abandoned by speakers all over the world. Why is this happening? ---- They may be favouring a different language because it is more dominant or prestigious. Also, they may be affected by social pressure to speak differently. Furthermore, children worldwide experience both subtle and overt pressures to switch to globally dominant languages.
Doğru Cevap: "A" Native speakers stop using their original language for a variety of reasons.
Soru Açıklaması
64. - 69. sorularda, verilen İngilizce cümleye anlamca en yakın Türkçe cümleyi bulunuz.

The ancient Egyptians were very good at mathematics and at building geometric tombs, but they were not famous for philosophy.
Doğru Cevap: "A" Eski Mısırlılar matematikte ve geometrik anıt mezarlar inşa etmede çok başarılıydılar ancak felsefe ile ünlü değillerdi.
Soru Açıklaması
If you have spent all day working on a computer, the last thing you will want to do is to sit in front of another one when you arrive home.
Doğru Cevap: "C" Eğer tüm günü bilgisayar başında çalışarak geçirmişseniz en son yapmak isteyeceğiniz şey, eve vardığınız zaman başka bir bilgisayarın karşısına oturmaktır.
Soru Açıklaması
Birds which live in different parts of the world, from freezing cold of the Antarctic to arid deserts, spend much of their lives searching for food.
Doğru Cevap: "D" Antarktika’nın dondurucu soğuğundan kurak çöllere kadar dünyanın farklı yerlerinde yaşayan kuşlar, hayatlarının çoğunu yiyecek arayarak geçirirler.
Soru Açıklaması
Yellowstone, an extraordinary place with canyons, lakes and hot springs, is the first national park not only of the United States of America but also of the world.
Doğru Cevap: "C" Kanyonlar, göller ve sıcak su kaynaklarıyla sıra dışı bir yer olan Yellowstone, sadece Amerika Birleşik Devletleri’nin değil aynı zamanda dünyanın da ilk millî parkıdır.
Soru Açıklaması
Having mostly French and British antique furniture, Mecidiyeköy Antiques Bazaar has been serving antique lovers since the beginning of the 1980s.
Doğru Cevap: "B" Daha ziyade Fransız ve İngiliz antika mobilyalarını barındıran Mecidiyeköy Antikacılar Çarşısı, 1980’lerin başından beri antikaseverlere hizmet vermektedir.
Soru Açıklaması
The Industrial Revolution made iron available in large quantities, and thus it became convenient to be used as a building material.
Doğru Cevap: "E" Sanayi Devrimi, demiri büyük miktarlarda mevcut kıldı ve böylelikle demir, inşaat malzemesi olarak kullanılmaya elverişli hâle geldi.
Soru Açıklaması
70. - 75. sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümleye anlamca en yakın İngilizce cümleyi bulunuz

MÖ ikinci yüzyılın ilk yarısında gücünün zirvesinde olan Pergamum, Batı Anadolu’nun büyük bir kısmını içine alan bir krallığın başkentiydi.
Doğru Cevap: "A" At the height of its power in the first half of the second century BC, Pergamum was the capital of a kingdom that comprised most of western Anatolia
Soru Açıklaması
Kanada, büyük bir kısmı yaşamaya elverişli olmayan öylesine büyük bir ülkedir ki, her bir kilometrekarede yaşayan ortalama yalnızca üç kişi vardır.
Doğru Cevap: "A" Canada is such a large country, much of which is uninhabitable, that on average there are only three people living in each square kilometre.
Soru Açıklaması
Wolfgang Mozart sadece 35 yıl yaşamasına rağmen müzik kariyerine henüz beş yaşındayken başlayıp 600'den fazla eser besteledi.
Doğru Cevap: "C" Although Wolfgang Mozart lived only 35 years, he composed more than 600 works, starting his musical career when he was just five years old.
Soru Açıklaması
Fransız İhtilali; Fransa’yı kral tarafından yönetilen bir monarşiden, gücün halkın elinde olduğu bir cumhuriyete dönüştürdü
Doğru Cevap: "D" The French Revolution turned France into a republic in which power was held by the people from a monarchy ruled by the king.
Soru Açıklaması
Göz ve kamera arasındaki benzerliklere rağmen görme, herhangi bir kameranınkinden çok daha karmaşık işlemler içerir.
Doğru Cevap: "E" Despite the similarities between the eye and a camera, vision involves processes that are far more complex than those of any camera.
Soru Açıklaması
Körfez'de petrolün bulunması; bugün dünya petrolünün yüzde 30’unu sağlayan Suudi Arabistan, Irak, Kuveyt ve diğer çöl ülkelerine büyük zenginlik getirdi.
Doğru Cevap: "E" The discovery of oil in the Gulf has brought enormous wealth to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait and other desert countries, which now supply 30 percent of the world’s oil.
Soru Açıklaması
76. - 80. sorularda, cümleler sırasıyla okunduğunda parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi bulunuz.

(I) While it is often easy to identify the change your project will deliver, it may be more difficult to quantify the nature, scale and timing of the benefit. (II) Every year, hundreds of projects are carried out in various countries despite their limitations. (III) As a rule, benefits from a project should be aligned with at least one of the organisation’s strategic goals if it is to proceed. (IV) You should also consider the point at which the benefits can be expected. (V) In some cases, a smaller return is preferable to a larger one that will take longer to come in.
Doğru Cevap: "B" II
Soru Açıklaması
(I) A few microbial species have found ways to sabotage the immune system and skew the balance of power in their favor. (II) For example, Porphyromonas gingivalis, a mouth-dwelling bacterium, has long been the prime suspect behind gum disease. (III) Even in small numbers, they can stop white blood cells from producing certain chemicals that kill bacteria. (IV) Without these chemicals to restrict their growth, all the bacterial populations in the mouth grow explosively, causing tissue damage known as 'gingivitis'. (V) The standard care for gingivitis is a professional tooth cleaning and more flossing
Doğru Cevap: "E" V
Soru Açıklaması
(I) For years, Carol Spring Beach was one of the best kept secrets in Jamaica. (II) It was among the whitest and most glorious stretches of coast in the island’s north. (III) But then, one morning in 2008, developers building a hotel nearby arrived to discover something bizarre. (IV) Large amounts of beach sand were more or less worthless in most parts of the world as in Jamaica. (V) Thieves had come during the night and stolen 500 truck-loads of beautiful sand.
Doğru Cevap: "D" IV
Soru Açıklaması
(I) Astrology is the study of the movement of the stars and the planets in the belief that they influence human affairs. (II) Its influence is everywhere, from the ancient pyramids of Egypt to the plays of Shakespeare. (III) In addition to the movement of the stars and the planets, the weather is also thought to influence people and events. (IV) Across the globe, millions of people would not think of starting their day without consulting a newspaper or online horoscope. (V) Battles have been won and lost, and weddings have been planned based simply on the alignment of the stars.
Doğru Cevap: "C" III
Soru Açıklaması
(I) Many people claim they can remember being in the womb or their first two years of life, but it is doubtful that these are genuine memories. (II) At five months old, the human fetus weighs under 500g but has fully developed lips, eyes, fingers, and toes. (III) Claims may be based on children feeling as if they were at the age of 1 or 2. (IV) Most adults can remember events only as far back as the age of 3 or 4. (V) Young children often remember further back, but these early memories generally fade away as they grow older.
Doğru Cevap: "B" II
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